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All natural Hand carved Sea Horse Tagua charm on a hand woven cotton bracelet by Tu y Yo (Black)

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Natural color (white) hand carved Whale Tail charm from Tagua Seeds (Vegetable Ivory) on a hand woven cotton band bracelet by Tu y Yo, jewelry, handmade by Ecuador artisans & their families

All bracelets are handmade of natural, renewable & biodegradable materials! The charms are hand carved (every piece is unique & one of a kind) from natural color (white) Tagua seeds ("Vegetable Ivory") by artisans & their families in Ecuador, South America and the band is made of braided polished, slightly waxed cotton fibers that enhances the shiny beauty of its color & strength and is also hand woven. "Eco-friendly jewelry" at its finest! These bracelets will be potent reminders to guide you in your journey.